Hello, I’m Joel and I am the founder and CEO of Nutrifix.

For as long as I can remember, health & fitness have been my strongest passion. Years of competitive rugby meant a superior diet to keep my game at its peak. Unfortunately, a neck dislocation and two operations put a temporary hurdle in my path, but luckily, I was able to walk away with nothing more than a few extra nuts and bolts.

While I was forced to make peace with the fact that I could no longer play, my outlook on life changed. Health & fitness became more of a priority than ever.

With a love of food, I stepped into the restaurant & food industry. Despite having the best intentions, I soon found whilst living a busy hectic life it was all too easy to fall off the health “band wagon”.

I am not alone either, in fact the busier we become the more our body suffers. As a result I was determined to develop a solution that doesn’t involve hours of preparation and encourages healthy lifestyle choices on the go.

That’s how Nutrifix was born.

At Nutrifix, we want to make healthy eating easy for anyone too busy to give nutrition the time it deserves.

I'm excited to join this journey with you.

Ruth Tongue


Ruth is an MSc qualified Nutritionist, health writer and online editor with a background in Sport and Exercise Science and dance.

She has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over ten years, providing health coaching and nutrition and fitness advice to a range of clients – from individuals, to magazines, a corporate audience, schools, athletes, footballers and fitness centres.

Her passion for all things healthy is evident in every aspect of her life, and she is often found in the kitchen experimenting with healthy recipes, pounding the pavements training for her latest marathon, or blogging about the latest nutrition research.

Ben Benton

Chef Extraordinaire

With many years’ experience working in restaurants such as Le Coq, the Dock Kitchen and Rochelle Canteen, and previous career as a hedge fund analyst, Ben understands the struggles of living a hectic life and the importance of good nutrition.

As a result his recipes are simple, healthy and prepared in a way, where whole, unprocessed, seasonal products do most of the work.