Find Your Healthy with Nutrifix

Our Mission

It shouldn’t be a chore to eat well, to exercise, to live a healthy lifestyle. These are some of life’s great joys.

However, it can be anything but enjoyable finding healthy food. That’s why Nutrifix exists: to make finding your healthy simple, inspiring and fun - just like it should be.

We’re here to help you navigate, literally, to the right places to eat, and the right items on the menu to match your nutritional needs. We’ll locate the information that matters to live the healthy lifestyle that you want.

We know every individual’s healthy is different, that’s why our promise - our mission - is to help you find your healthy.

Our Story

Nutrifix started as a physical list. A DIY database of the best places and meals to eat that our founder, Joel Burgess, used to get his health and fitness back on track.

With a life on-the-go, Joel ate out a lot, and his diet suffered as a result. The list would quickly point him to the food in high street restaurants that best matched his nutritional needs.

Soon Joel was being badgered by friends and colleagues to create lists for them. It was this badgering - and his burgeoning mission to make eating healthy simple and fun - that spurred Joel to create the Nutrifix app.

Our Values

Know what you eat
We’re not here to tell you that you shouldn’t scoff the odd slice of chocolate cake. What’s important is that people should know what they’re eating, so they can make informed decisions.

Everyone's healthy is different
We provide the inspiration, the ideas and information you need to lead the healthy lifestyle you want.

Happy and healthy
Eating well, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle are some of life’s great joys, and Nutrifix is here to help you reach and experience them.

Always with a smile
Life’s too serious to be taken seriously, right!? We try to do everything in an upbeat, friendly and inclusive way. If we’ve failed to do this, you’ve got our permission to slap us with a wet fish/send an irate tweet.